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UNOX Bakerlux – XAFT-04FS-ELDV – Electric Bakery Convection Oven

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  • Touch digital programmable controls.
  • Front door: top to bottom opening.
  • Full size with 4 shelves.
  • Save up to 99 programs with graphics.
  • Control panel.


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UNOX Bakerlux – XAFT-04FS-ELDV – Electric Bakery Convection Oven

BAKERLUX ovens are designed for professionals that require a highly-productive bakery and pastry shop with nothing superfluous. The perfect combination of efficiency and simplicity. In less than a square meter.

BAKERLUX SHOP.Pro TOUCH is the range of ovens studied for the gilding of the frozen products inside commercial spaces, where the rhythms are tight and the volumes are high.The BAKERLUX SHOP.Pro provers allow you to set your desired humidity percentage inside the proving chamber in order to obtain perfect results every time, for every recipe. The BAKERLUX SHOP.Pro TOUCH model offers all the advantages of a 2.4″ LCD display that allows you to store and name baking programs with pictures, as well as offering quick and intuitive programming. You can set up to 9 baking steps per program, controlling the humidity and choosing between two different fan speeds.

AIR.Plus guarantees perfect air and heat distribution within the baking chamber, for uniform results at every point throughout every tray. STEAM.Plus technology instantly creates humidity inside the baking chamber, from a temperature of 90°C up to 260°C, for excellent results with every batch. DRY.Plus expels humid air from the baking chamber to help the internal structure of the product to form properly, creating a texture that remains perfect for hours.

UNOX Data Driven Cooking gives you absolute control of what is going on with your ovens! Set your goals and monitor your performances to increase the use and profitability of your ovens. Install UNOX DDC.App on your smartphone and have remote control of your connected UNOX oven. You can monitor in real team its operating status, analyze consumptions reports, create recipes on your smartphone, receive the ones recommended by DDC.Coach and send them to your ovens with a click. Thanks to the DDC.UNOX.com Internet portal you are linked to your UNOX oven even when you are not in the kitchen. You can monitor its operating condition in real time, create recipes from your computer and send them to your ovens with a simple click. These ovens also feature Cloud-based technology.


Product Specification

Product dimensions (W x H x L)  23.6” x 19.6” x 29”
Net Weight 93 lbs
Amperage 16A
Volts 208-240
Watts 3800
Material Stainless Steel
Origin Italy
Warranty 1 year parts and labor
Net Weight 93 lbs