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  • Commercial production of dry‐aged meat, charcuterie, fish and cheese.
  • Reach‐in one‐section, free standing with integration installation.
  • 23‐5/8″W, 5.3 cu ft. capacity, 44 lbs load capacity.
  • Lockable right hinged double pane glass door (reversible).
  • Digital display, microclimate with electronic temperature (32°F to 77°F) & relative humidity (60% to 90%) control.
  • No water or drain connection required.
  • UX Airreg UVC sterilization system for optimal airflow & air quality.
  • No UV exposure of product, LED interior lighting, auto defrost & condensation evaporation, visual/audible alarm, antibacterial polystyrene.
  • Rack slides & stainless steel back cover, stainless steel exterior, self‐contained refrigeration.
  • R600a refrigerant, 115v/60/1‐ph, 2.0 amps, NEMA 5‐15P.



The Dry Aging Fridge UX 750 PRO, performs as beautifully as it looks – 100 % Made in Germany.
For the production of Dry Aged beef, pork, game, fish, charcuterie, vegetables, and jerky.

The DRYAGER™ UX 750 PRO complies with and is certified for the strictest safety, sanitation and environmental codes for commercial use, in the United States, Canada and internationally.
You can get started right away without any concerns, set-backs or hoops to jump through.

The compact DRYAGER™ UX 750 PRO can hold up to 44 lbs. of product and is ideal for any food retail counter, dining area or business entryway. It seamlessly integrates into and enhances any type of interior design concept from modern and minimalistic, to classic, vintage, rustic, and industrial.

The UX 750 PRO is a beautiful showpiece that is perfectly suited for any aesthetic. DRYAGER™ fridges can be placed as standalone unit, be built-in, or if you want to go big, create a line-up of multiple units for a visually stunning showcase. Be strategic about placement and it will become a statement showpiece for your business.

DRYAGER™ is about you, your philosophy, and your personal craft.
Display your own creations directly to your customers. Tell them the story behind the product and explain your craft. With DRYAGER™ cabinets, both your story and your craftsmanship are on display. Transform your carefully sourced fresh ingredients into the most exquisite, tender, and flavorful bite of Dry Aged goodness.
Give the product your personal culinary touch or wrap it up for the customer and sell it over the counter. Your customers will be delighted, and they will keep coming back for more.

Dry Aging in house does no longer need to be a time consuming, laborious or unsafe process.
State-of-the art DXAirReg technology allows for a perfectly stable microclimate even with fluctuations in ambient temperature or the rigors of a commercial environment. Climate stability is critical for Dry Aging perfection, consistency, and safety.
Ideal and constant relative humidity is achieved with no need for cumbersome water connections or drains. Proprietary technology takes care of all of that. It’s so simple – just plug and play.
With DRYAGER™ dry aging cabinets, germs, bacteria, and mold don’t stand a chance. Every 60 seconds the air is re-circulated and pristinely sterilized. The antibacterial inner layer in the chamber does the rest.
Dry Aging has never been so safe, seamless or worry-free.

Dry Aged retail goods or menu offerings no longer has to be the result of paying your supplier a hefty premium for already-Dry Aged meat. Buy it fresh, keep your food costs down and boost your profit margins.
With the UX 750 PRO, product yield is no longer an issue. With DRYAGER™ units, the products’ percentage of weight loss from start to finish, is as low as it gets – in the single digits!

Proudly showcase your craft to your customers. They will notice. They will ask to learn more; they will order and they will come back for more. They will also tell their friends. High profits margins will multiply.